‘Racing Lines’  Tour De France

by Maxine Dodd

18th July-August 4th

A charming collection of original water colours and prints depicting the speed and excitement of this wonderful cycling event. A must see for cycling enthusiasts.

Opposite Title: ‘Black, pink, yellow’

Original mixed media – acrylic, ink and watersoluble pastel on paper

28cm x 40cm  Unframed

More work.


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Green and Black ( The exhibition)

Charles Kitchen  joint show with Ian Stephens

6th June-July 14th 2018  FINAL WEEK.

Painting landscapes in oils is my passion, using the Impressionists, Tonalists and others for inspiration, for example Corot and Seago.

The Northamptonshire countryside, British coastal areas and the South of France are locations I look to for subjects, aiming for atmosphere over realism. I love to explore trees and their relationship to the landscape in all seasons. I paint outdoors whenever possible, using watercolours, gouache or oils for sketches, sometimes in preparation for larger works back in the studio. I have recently extended my palette and begun to explore abstract painting again in order to continue to develop as a painter.

I have exhibited regularly and occasionally paint commissions. My work is held in private collections in the Netherlands, Ireland and the USA as well as in Britain.

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A collection of small works ( Local Northamptonshire)

I have had an excursion into oil painting on a daily basis and in a very small format; 10cm by 7cm. I’ve found that these still take time to identify a composition that will work (maybe an hour or two) plus time to actually paint it, usually two to three hours. It also seems to be important to pre-mix colours and keep them clean – no room for muddy colour on such a small scale painting.



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Ian Stephens RE

Joint show with Charles Kitchen June 6th-July 14th

Launch & PV Friday 8th June 6-9pm

Other than commissions, my work is mostly concerned with the landscape:- its form,its uses and its denizens. Endeavouring always to be objective about how it is.rather than how it was or might be. Though these factors do hold a great fascination for me especially in the traces left behind by track ways,settlements etc

Although I enjoy engraving and printing wood blocks immensely this is only the means by which I explore my ideas-a secondary rather than a primary concern-trying always to not let the medium or the process’get in the way’











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Teresa Wells

Teresa Wells MRBS creates emotive figurative sculptures in bronze, that celebrate man’s physical and emotional survival over adversity. Inspired by the question ‘How do Humans Behave”, she draws inspiration from the contours of athletes and dancers to emphasise a physical strength, placing them in precarious poses to stress fragility.

She employs an illustrative style that pertains to theatrical gesturing, with particular attention made in recreating detail in the face, hands and feet. This creates a powerful and spiritual force, creating reflection on ones own psyche. When combined with geometric architectural supports, in steel and stone, she shows a contemporary approach to bronze, lifting it off the plinth and making it appear less monumental and traditional.

opposite:- bronze sculpture available at the gallery

‘ The Kiss that Freed a Thousand  Dreams’   £1080.00

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‘Soul and Season ( joint exhibition) Miriam McClay

Private View   Invitation

Showing in gallery August 2018

I work intuitively and playful experimentation is an essential element of creating my paintings. Each painting must be about testing out new ideas and techniques and never a repeat of the last; adding and scraping back paint through an infinite combination of options to achieve something quite new and distinct from the starting point. Colours, marks and movement change over time and so the paintings reflect that in their layering; a documentation of the conversation I have with them.

My current work is about emotion and exploring visual ways to express its complexity and dynamics.

Painting opposite    ‘Woven’

For further information about this artists work contact

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Miriam McClay

I trained at Falmouth School of Art and Design where I gained a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. A year later I achieved a Master’s Degree in Fine Art Printmaking from Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. My PGCE at Middlesex University led me into a full-time teaching role. I have now been teaching for 23 years and although education faces many challenges, I consider myself lucky to be surrounded with creativity and colour every day. Alongside my position in education I have always kept up my own art practice.

Painting Opposite  ‘Keep listening to the birds’

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Soul and Season ( Joint show)  Zoritza Williams

‘From an early age I was interested in art’

Growing up in Belgrade Serbia. I was  influenced by the native artists’ distinctive style of Native art. Moving from London in 2001 to Northamptonshire, I fell in love with the rural landscape surrounded by farming fields. I took up photography, which resulted in a successful career as a landscape photographer.

‘My passion for art has never left me’

Mostly self taught I had lessons with Roy Holding, practicing different media which led to exhibitions and success in selling my work. I work  in the mediums, acrylic, oil & pastel.

Private View invitation


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Some fabulous photographs by local artist Chris Denman.

see more



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Malcolm Pollard

video Malcolm

Now showing in the gallery Oct~Dec 2017

Malcolm Pollard was Head of Sculpture at Northampton School of Art and worked tirelessly to proclaim ‘the place of Art in our society.’ Sadly his untimely death robbed us of the opportunity for him to display the full range of his work that he created over many decades. In 2000 Malcolm Pollard wrote: “I prefer to explore the edges of established disciplines to discover what lies between. Currently the margins between architecture and sculpture seem full of possibilities, as do the spaces between sculpture and gardening and poetry” His sculpture ranged from the playful and sometimes erotic to the mystical such as the ‘Risen Christ for St. Matthews Church Northampton alongside of Henry Moore’s Madonna and Child and work by Graham Sutherland. Although Malcolm did exhibit frequently when invited, he had decided some time ago “not to be a part of a system that regards art as property”

Malcolm Pollard
‘Summer Solstice’

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original works including

Large wall reliefs and sculpture




Original ink and watercolour. SOLD

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Brian is one of the gallery’s major artists. His installations are put up at regular intervals and include his nationally recognized 3 Cubes & 2 Chairs. Several of his works are now in the public collection of  THE ARTS COUNCIL Southbank London

‘3 Cubes 2 Singers and an Absent Observer

Click link below to see some of his iconic pieces.

His background



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Andy Jordan

2 works in the gallery during April-May 2018

I am a contemporary acrylic painter of landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes.

I was born and brought up in London and moved to the West Country in the 1970s.  My initial source of inspiration came from the beauty of the magnificent South Devon coast.  I now live in South Northamptonshire and, as a member of a local “En plein air” art group, love to spend time painting in the local countryside.  I also make regular painting trips to South Devon to capture the unique Devonian beauty and light. My art is characterised by atmospheric paintings featuring strong compositions, with vibrant colours and bold contrasts.

opposite  ‘Day of Rest’ acrylic on canvas framed  £495

about artist

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Amanda Hoskin is a contemporary British landscape artist based in Cornwall. 

Her work has been widely exhibited through solo shows and group exhibitions, with paintings held in private collections in the UK and abroad.

A really popular artist at the jgallery.

Several of her original framed. oil paintings now available in the gallery.( no prints )

Prices range from £400  to £2000.




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You have to be brave to experience, let alone, view some of Mario’s work. It is often considered ‘too political’ and difficult to understand. Having worked at Birmingham University as Head of print making Mario is now head of department at Newcastle University Australia. He has worked for most of the well known broadsheet papers in the UK :- The Times/ Telegraph/Guardian etc. He has been regularly commissioned to produce reportage to run alongside international news items covering politics and world disasters. ‘The ritual’  is a thought provoking original artists signed proof on show and offered for sale framed, at the gallery now.( not the work opposite)

More about Mario

‘Jungle Book’

Each child chose a jungle animal to create as a mask and we looked at photos of the animals and their features, talking about what we needed to make for each animal such as skin patterns, horns, tusks, ears etc. The children created the masks using a face shaped mould which they added newspaper and modroc to in order to create the different facial features of their animal. The children then decorated the masks, creating half as a realistic representation of their chosen animal and paying attention to the colours and patterns of the animals in the photos. The children created the other half as their own interpretation of the animal, thinking about how the animals would look if they could design them. The children chose vibrant colours and eccentric decorations which contrasted with the realistic halves


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Cathi is an American, born and brought up
amongst the forests, hills and lakes of western Massachusetts.
She moved to England with her family in 1987

Through her work she connects with nature in
an intimate way, aiming to capture and share
the essence and magnificence of natural elements.

opposite’Reflections’  oil on canvas  £625.00 (SOLD)

quality prints available in the gallery

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Simon Gidney (Final Week)


A collection of works by Simon Gidney will be showing in the gallery March-June 1st 2018

Early inspiration included Salvador Dali and the Pre-Raphaelite movement, and has grown to include Kandinsky, Majrowski, and his bucket full of his life’s experience, and includes Dali lama for inner inspiration, and subconscious expression. His audience is you those who are not afraid to be different and don’t blame others for their failings.

Painting opposite ‘ available on request.

March-April 2018  WORKS






His solo exhibition will be at the jgallery   TBA

For further enquiries please contact

Opposite ‘The Old Oak ‘

Oil on Canvas 61cms x 61cms

Price £8750.00

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Martin Taylor

Martin Taylor studied at Ealing School of Art, Wimbledon Art College and the University of London Goldsmith’s College. He has had many one man exhibitions, shown at the Royal Academy and won awards at the Royal Watercolour Society. He now lives in Northampton.  We are pleased to have a few of his original oils paintings on show at the jgallery and Martin is now working on a new collection of ‘Northamptonshire Scenes’ to show in 2018.

For a taste of his wonderful paintings visit the gallery open weds~sat 10am~4pm

PAINTING OPPOSITE  Haybales at Great Brington Church

Oil on canvas 61cms x 61 cms  £8750

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Simon Gidney March-April 2018


Simon utilises a variety of materials, oil, acrylic, water colour, paints, and plaster, glue, and talcum powder as foundation mixtures. He uses his own self prepared alchemic glaze, (Darcryventine), and often complex combinations of materials in mixed media.  He hand makes bespoke canvas frames for specific work. Other wise uses pre-stretched canvas, and whatever is available, be it wood, board, and paper.

Early inspiration included Salvador Dali and the Pre-Raphaelite movement, and has grown to include Kandinsky, Majrowski, and his bucket full of his life’s experience, and includes Dali lama for inner inspiration, and subconscious expression. His audience is you those who are not afraid to be different and don’t blame others for their failings.


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Mark Duffin

(graphic artist)

Marc is based in the west Midlands,

His tree prints are an amazing collection of textures and colours.

Radiating various colours from different viewed angles.

image opposite  ‘Golden Fruits’

Avril Bateman

From South Africa and now living in the UK . A very talented portrait and landscape artists.

She occasionally paints thought provoking ‘ QUIRKY’  images as shown here.

For more examples of her work contact the gallery. 01604 492192.



Maxine Dodd

December 2017

We are pleased to stock a collection of cycling prints by local artist Maxine Dodd



Michael Powell


A local part time artist based in Northampton

acrylic on canvas   Blink £300

contact gallery for more images of his work.



We have a large selection of limited edition prints and greetings cards in stock the gallery

Artists available :-

Kerry Sage
John Damsell
Annette Sykes
Jamie Poole

Malcolm Pollard


Gallery open weds~sat 10am~4pm

pay on line and we will deliver to UK address


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