Cathi Sacco

Cathi's work depicts the essence, soul and magnificence of nature.

Sue Brooks, Gallery Curator

Cathi Sacco


Expressionistic paintings that reflect a personal connection with the natural world

Cathi originates from Massachusetts in the United States but has spent her adult life in England. She is now an established artist living in Long Buckby, Northamptonshire. Her abstract and expressionistic paintings reflect her personal connection with the world around her. She taps into the essence of the subject and creates a visually striking depiction of Mother Nature at her best.


A celebration and glorification of wood, rocks, water and leaves

Cathi is deeply inspired by nature. Her aim is to depict the essence, the soul and the magnificence of the elements as expressed in paint, print and pastel. You’ll see that her art celebrates and glorifies trees, wood, rocks, water and leaves. Her ambition is to create yet stronger connections between nature and people with her art.

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Visually striking depictions of Mother Nature at her best

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