Eric Yates

Eric creates some of our most visually striking and colourful artwork.

Sue Brooks, Gallery Curator

Eric Yates


A unique blend of fine art and graphic design influenced by science, nature and music

Eric was a student of fine art in London for several years before going on to study graphic design at Norwich School of Art in the early 1980s. He has combined his graphic design and fine art skills to create a body of colourful acrylic paintings that take inspiration from a love of pop art, Kodachrome film, science, nature and music. Eric’s work has been exhibited in galleries across the United Kingdom and he currently paints in his Northamptonshire studio.


Taking pop art to new levels

Eric’s work has been a regular feature in the gallery for a number of years and his series of ‘Concentric Circles’ paintings have always been some of our most popular pieces. Eric’s paintings can still be viewed privately at the gallery, by appointment.
Exhibition: Concentric Circles
Style: Blending fine art and graphic design
Space: Lower Gallery
Date: August 2019

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