Malcolm Pollard

Malcolm inspired us to start the gallery and his work still excites us today.

Sue Brooks, Gallery Curator

Malcolm Pollard


Influenced by the sensational 1960s and the rise of modernist philosophies and trends

Malcolm Pollard was Head of Sculpture at Northampton School of Art and worked tirelessly to promote the place of art in our modern society. His sculptures, large wall reliefs and paintings range from the playful and often erotic to the mystical and sometimes religious. Malcolm frequently exhibited his work when invited to, but preferred to distance himself from what he saw as an overly commercialised art scene.


One of the region’s finest creative artists

We’ve been privileged to display a rare collection of Malcolm’s original works including both figurative and abstract paintings. We are grateful to his family for the opportunity to showcase his work in his beloved hometown of Northampton.
Exhibition: Summer Solstice
Style: Playful, erotic and mystical
Space: Upper Gallery
Date: June 2014

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