Peter Sayer

Peter is one of those special artists that just oozes enthusiasm.

Sue Brooks, Gallery Curator

Peter Sayer


Experimenting with anything that makes a mark and takes him out of his comfort zone

Peter is an accomplished artist whose art and design career spans over 55 years. He is a post-war child brought up by the sea so it’s not surprising that the coast is a reoccurring theme in his work. Before dedicating himself to his painting, he enjoyed a successful career as an Architect and Interior Designer. Over the last two decades, Peter has been steadily building up a body of work which he feels meets his high artisitc standards. More recently though, he has been able to devote himself to painting full-time.


A real tour de force in contemporary art

Peter’s first exhibtion in the gallery incuded over sixty original pieces of work and completely filled both the lower and upper space. The experience took viewers on a fantastical journey to discover the remarkable landscapes, seascapes and portraiture that he had recorded on his many travels.

Exhibition: Ataraxia
Style: Landscapes with texture
Space: Lower Gallery and Upper Gallery
Date: May 2019

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