Life Drawing Classes

Sat 23rd March 10am-3pm

Upper gallery

TutorGerald Porter



3rd April-20th April

In the lead up to the Easter  2019 celebrations, the children from the Caring Kindergartens Nursery in Moulton Park, Northants have been very busy creating special eggs to exhibit at J Gallery in Moulton Village. Sue Strus, the Nursery Manager said “Since the arrival of Easter eggs in the shops, the children have shown lots of interest in eggs and where they come from. The children were fascinated to learn that eggs are not just food that is yummy in their tummy but that animals lay these with their babies inside. There has been much discussion on what animals lay eggs and how long baby animals sleep in there before they crack open. This has inspired some of the eggs designed by the children, along with the attractive packaging that is used with the chocolate eggs that the children have seen whilst out shopping with their families”.  

Photo competition 2019

Open to over 18 amateur & professional photographers

Terms and Conditions


(50% discount for full time students)




Peter Sayer

‘Our Landscapes’

solo show

8th May-8th June

more details soon








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