Work and meet in the heart of the village


Find the perfect place to get your work done

We live in interesting times. Changing and uncertain times. But with time to reflect, new ways of working, which once seemed unfeasible, are now almost an imperative. We now provide a flexible range of workspace solutions to help you and your business emerge and thrive.


Pop in for a coffee and bring your laptop

Our cafe is the perfect place to escape from a hectic homeworking space or just to come for some peace and quiet in a creative and visually stunning environment. With free Wi-Fi, barista coffee and speciality teas, getting your work done on time will be a breeze.


When you need to work from home

Working from home can be a blessing and a curse. Whilst nobody really misses the daily commute, disruptions from family and pets can have a dramatic impact on productivity. In the peaceful village of Moulton, our two-floored gallery offers the privacy and security you need.


Share your office space with other local people

In these uncertain times, having your own permanent office space can seem like an expensive luxury. And whilst working from home might be fun for a while, using a residential address for business purposes might not give off the professional image your business needs.

Let our exhibition
space inspire you


An inspiring environment for your next business meeting

If you’re planning an interview day, company off-site or client presentation, we have just the right meeting space for you. Organised by our friendly team, we can provide all the facilities and catering services you need to make your meeting a real success.

Our space

A perfect space for business meetings big and small

For some important business meetings, a traditional corporate environment just isn’t the right setting. Whether you want to take-over the entire gallery of just use the upper space, being surrounded by great contemporary art can create a vibrant and stimulating working environment.


Everything you need for the perfect business meeting

From tables and chairs to teas and coffees, our friendly team can help plan and deliver your next business meeting in our inspirational artistic space. Spread over two floors with both an indoor and outdoor space, we provide the comfort and privacy needed to make your meeting a success.


Flexible catering packages to suit all budgets

When you need more than tea, coffee and biscuits, we can provide fresh and delicious food for you and your guests. Whether you need sandwiches for a working lunch or an afternoon tea for more casual networking, we have just the right catering package for you.

A perfect place for
meetings and events


Find the perfect venue for your next event

If you’re planning a business meeting, private party, weekly class, exhibition or promotional event, we have the perfect venue for you to hire. Whether you need a small corner or the entire gallery, we can help meet all your event planning needs.


An indoor and outdoor space for drinks and conversation

The gallery offers a perfect venue for business functions and private parties, from birthdays and weddings to baby showers and christenings. Hire just the upper floor or the entire gallery which boasts a pleasant country garden at the entrance.


Perfect for product launches and temporary exhibitions

Whilst we have a full calendar of contemporary art exhibitions in the gallery, we can still host temporary art and photography exhibitions as well as other promotional events. Lasting from one to three days, our gallery space will provide the perfect backdrop to showcase your work.


Host your weekly classes in the heart of the village

We love the gallery being used to inform and educate as well as entertain and inspire. Past classes have included topics as diverse as willow weaving, life drawing and origami.

Let our exhibition
space inspire you